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The Code Coop


We offer numerous web development services to meet your needs.

Spectacular Design

We're experts at creating websites that will bring your business forward. We employ the latest technologies to ensure that your user's experience is fast, sleek, and effective.

Powerful Functions

We can make websites that can provide numerous services to both your clients and employees. Need an internal messaging service or an extensive diagnostic tool? We're the team for you!

Quality Testing

We're experts at testing and improving the software you do have. We'll make sure your site is working exactly as it should and upholds itself to the toughest security.


We are, first and foremost, geeks here to help you with technology. Be it a shiny new website for your up-and-coming restaurant or a web app for your cool non-profit, we've got your back. We are also a worker's cooperative: a business owned and run by its workers. Founded on the principles of collaboration and equality, our members have a deep sense of community that we believe comes through in our work.

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